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Burmis Studio creates software solutions for your business challenges.

We are passionate about building quality business applications, which align with your business needs, and are agile enough to adapt as your business grows. Burmis Studio respects the unique nature of its clients and is committed to working with you to address your business's needs.

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At Burmis Studio we keep things as simple as possible. Our values are best summarized in three words:


Pride in our work underlies everything we do at Burmis Studio. We follow industry best practices to ensure our applications are maintainable, sustainable, and can grow with your business. This includes a commitment to:

We know that your business is unique and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.


Your business has its own goals and needs. Timing can be everything and sometimes you only get one chance to impress. Burmis Studio understands this, which is why we will work with you from the start to understand what will make the project a success. We call this "alignment", and it is one of the values that make Burmis Studio different.


It is impossible to predict all the requirements at the start of many projects. Software is complex and business needs can change in unexpected ways. The application you needed at the start of a design might solve a problem that does not exist by the time it is finished. We offer an alternative approach which focuses on delivering frequent prototypes to your workplace early and often as the project moves forward. You get an immediate return on your investment, and the ability to assess whether our software is meeting your business's goals, even if they have changed over time.

It is a constantly changing world, and your business need to be agile to move with it. Why should your business software be any different?

These values impact everything we do, and form the basis of our commitment to providing you with the best experience possible.


Product Team For Hire

From part time CTO, to designers, developers, and full stack engineers our team uses proven best practices and works together to supplement or meet all your software development needs.

Project Management

From requirements gathering to delivery Burmis Studio has the experience and expertise to manage your project every step of the way.

Architecture and Design

A compelling vision for your project can mean the difference between success and failure. Burmis Studio has the experience and knowledge to balance technical and business requirements and deliver a roadmap to excellence for your next business application.

Application Development

Business application development is at the core of what Burmis Studio does best. From the web and desktop to emerging mobile platforms, we have the development skills to execute your vision. We have in-house expertise in:

User Interface Design

Presenting an appealing user experience is the first step in a lasting impression. Burmis Studio believes in combining tasteful design with cutting-edge technology to enable unique and meaningful user interactions. We're also committed to creating portable experiences which translate from the desktop to mobile and emerging platforms.

Mobile Development

Devices like the iPhone are opening new marketplaces with unique challenges and opportunity. Burmis Studio is committed to supporting emerging mobile platforms, and will help you successfully integrate them with your business. More than just application development, Burmis Studio can help you see the big picture and understand how to grow your business in this lucrative market.


LitDistCo Sales and Reporting Service

LitDistCo is a book distribution collective of literary book publishers. Burmis Studio was retained to model LitDistCo's existing business processes, then aggregate the existing publisher portal to allow for access and querying of the sales and storage costs. Various work flows related to this dataset where also automated to reduce the time and errors associated with performing them by hand.

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